Comments from 2011 and prior

I just saw the amazing ice project! That is such a GREAT THING YOU ARE DOING! I guess you have heard from the news channels already. Keep up the good work. When will you hit the 100 ft. mark and turn it into an amusement park? I Keep up the good work! Tell Linda hi.

Odie Mitchell - Hempstead, TX

Really awesome sculpture! Never seen anything like it before. Nice work and Good luck :).

Heather Donahue

Man that is so cool. I forgot about how much technology/science he uses to make these things. Way more that just spraying some water around, that is for sure!

Chris Melbye

Wanted to drop you a line to thank you for such a great sculpture. We were driving down Riverview drive and noticed it from across the river and had to find it. We drove down by the your house and wow. The thought and work you have put into this project just proves that there are still people in the world that like to have fun and are creative. Keep up the good work and if you ever need just ask.

Thanks for the sculpture. Nick

These are amazing photos! I work with your sister Vanessa! This sight I will definitely be forwarding on. Are you on Facebook?

Thanks Amber Cain

I work part time as a cook at an assisted living facility in Oklee and this morning during br/eakfast some of the residents were watch HLN on the TV in the dining room when all of a sudden they showed a film of your ice house and the people were quite impressed so I said "That guy is my nephew!!!" I was so proud of you. Just thought I would share that with you.

Have a great day------ Aunt Sharon

Thank you for sharing your talent and your artistry with everyone. I really enjoyed it and am very glad I had the chance to see it. Stunningly beautiful and an amazing talent.

Mary Carlson

fantastic! i love this project.
what a neat cross between: invention/imagination/renewable resources/low impact performance art/ public art/minnesota climate/patience

Benjamin Wannebo

Saw your Ice Project this morning while on Minnesota Triumphs car club Mid-Winter Cruise (in winter cars this trip). Very Cool!!!

Marcia Engvall

We are so impressed! You are one clever, creative guy. We have seen a huge glacial wall in the arctic near Svalbaard, but believe you have bested nature. Can hardly wait to see next year's creation.

Kim and Bev Johnson

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for creating and sharing this with the world!


Impressive. The man definitely kept his cool.

John Lemandri

Roger, this stuff is really lovely. As an artist myself, I'm particularly impressed that you're not trying to recreate existing structures, but using your imagination and the medium to do something original.
Thanks for the art,

Adrian Astrakhan

You look so happy in your picture, cheers.!
But dude, you should rip down the 3 car garage, it's blocking the view!


My wife and I were driving around yesterday, poking into most of the Dead End roads along the Mississippi, just to see what creative things people were doing with their property. As we drove into your neighborhood, this light blue apparition appeared through the trees (it was snowing at the time, and the visibility was obscured a little), and we were drawn to it in complete amazement. What a wonderful display!
We didn't even notice your handout post until we had stopped a couple of times to take photos and try to figure out how you were able to produce such a magnificent display (and admire it's beauty).
It wasn't until I got home last night and was able to log into your net site that some of the details were explained that most of my questions were answered, though we kept thinking an talking about it as we wended our way back to the cities.
We hadn't seen any of the publicity you have received, so it was really a unexpected delight to discover it. We still haven't been able to fully explore your site, but I am really impressed with the technical details, as well as the beauty of the results. I looked at most of the photos and realized it was most impressive if you went through them backwards (chronographical order) to really appreciate the size of the project.
I've got to get back to my own project, building my own home, but I wanted to compliment you on yours, from someone who has some idea how much has gone into something like this.
I hope everything goes well with this project, and again, we were and are very impressed, bravo.

Dave and Gwen Berg - Brooklyn Center, MN